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Here are some tips which might help you. They might even save you some money. We hope that you find them useful.

Take Notes & Keep Them

Perhaps get a large coil bound student notebook to write in, bigger the better. Use it to take and keep notes, by date. Every time that you speak to a salesman or a trade etc, make a note of the date and the time, and what was agreed to, or what they told you etc. Later on even being able to mention the fact to them that you have such a book will be a great help. It will also help to keep you organized as you can put notes to yourself in there as well. Do not loan the book out or you will loose it! Do not leave it laying around unattended or you will loose it!

Plot Key Dates and Tasks On A Calendar

Plot the various dates and tasks on a calendar, and revise it as and when needed. Try to leave some days between tasks when you are able to, in case one of the trades runs late, or an unexpected delay occurs. Your bank may want a copy if they see it.

Home Warranty

Understand you warranty. Keep track of any issues, and inform the company in a timely manor. That way you can ask for them to be covered (if they are covered) by the home warranty. Not everything may be covered.

Sales Tax Rebates

Keep all of your receipts, no matter how small! Your bank may want to see them. Some jurisdictions also offer a sales tax rebate on the costs of the home, which can be hard to try and claim for if you did not keep all of the receipts! Have a special place at home to keep these receipts, and if need be a note book to keep track of what they were for and the dates they were for, and any special notes.